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Network Communications Technology, Inc. (NCT) is a Systems Integrator and Government Solution Provider with a deep expertise and broad experience in design and integration of complete projects covering  Data, Video and Voice services. NCT was founded in 1987 and has since, completed many projects for corporate and government clients. NCT's approach is the “Converged Technologies Integration”. Achieve a total system solution for our clients by helping in the actual planning and requirements analysis for all their communications needs.  At the design stages, NCT will take into account any requirements needed to accommodate growth and expansion to anticipate and prepare for the technological changes that a company must undergo in one, three, or five years. We work with existing equipment and software, if adequate, and also advise clients in procuring new upgrades that may be necessary. Our clients include federal and local governments’ agencies, prime government contractors and private sector companies. NCT has established a long track record with the U.S government prime contractors in supporting various IT technology deployments. NCT also provides logistical procurement services in fulfilling various DoD, U.S Army, U.S Air Force initiatives directly and thru primes. NCT can help clients to plan for all aspects of their “IT project” and coordinate the many tasks and details that need to be kept track of. This provides the client with a single point of contact for project management and execution and assures that the final deliverables will be met on time and within budget. The NCT approach is characterized by the following: • Project planning, scheduling, and analysis to define subtasks, determine workloads, and identify potential risks • Assembly of a team qualified to meet project requirements • Continuous review of progress to establish and maintain control • Quality Assurance and Configuration Management processes to ensure the delivery of quality work products. NCT will manage all contractual, technical, resource, schedule, financial, and procedural aspects of this project. This approach serves to achieve accurate staffing, scheduling, and budgeting. Further, it permits all project personnel to focus on the direct objectives of the specific task to which they are assigned. Team members are fully integrated into the overall work effort and are assigned work requirements according to their technical capabilities, experience levels, and their potential to contribute significantly to project goals.